A Skylit Drive Is Back From the Shadows

Posted: January 25, 2011 in New/Just released

It’s been about two and half years since we’ve heard anything new from the boys out of Lodi, California and needless to say their fans have been craving something more. As a huge ASD fan myself I find it safe to say that with each record this band simply gets better and better. They have just released a music video for the song “Too Little Too Late” that will appear on the album “Identity On Fire” scheduled to be in stores 2/15/2011.

The song and the video itself is a new side of ASD I feel we haven’t seen before. It’s a tad bit darker, edgier, and you can tell that the time off the road and the break they have given themselves has really allowed them to expand as artists. I have very high expectations for “Identity On Fire” based off of this video and the previously released song “XO Skeleton”. There is a perfect blend of a new found dark side to this band and the humble softness that vocalist Micheal Jagmin is able to deliver. Just as you might think that either song may beginning to sound bland or you’re waiting for some part of a song to get you throwing your fists around a giant circle pit, bassist and unclean vocalist Brian White definitely saves the day. I hope you enjoy this video and I have also included the song “XO Skeleton” below. Don’t forget “Identity On Fire” is released 2/15/2011 and if it is more of what is located below this post, it is sure to be amazing.

– Mason Richardson

Band site: http://www.myspace.com/askylitdrive

Twitter updates: @ASkylitDrive

“Too Little Too Late”


“XO Skeleton”


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