Beyond the Eyes Set to Kill

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since about 2007 the faces of the band Eyes Set To Kill have pretty much remained the same after undergoing several line-up changes since first forming in 2004. With of course the exception of Brandon Anderson (unclean vocalist) being replaced by Cisco Miranda in 2010 for their third full length and latest album to date “Broken Frames”.

One face that I can say we all know and love is guitar player and front-woman Alexia Rodriguez. The purpose of this entry is to show that she is much more than just a musician but an amazing artist in general. On the road she constantly writes poems and songs that may or may not ever be used for ESTK however her mind is always flowing. What really struck me about her side projects however is the amount of drawings and paintings she is able to complete while she is on the road. Many of her paintings consist of watercolors mainly from what I have seen, and a lot of the ones that she posts to the public are all band related pieces. She brings several of them that she has completed in the past on the road and takes them to shows to allow fans of the band to buy real ESTK artwork. So if you ever get a chance to see them live or if you have and were unaware that these were being sold and are interested definitely check out their merchandise both and speak with someone there because as you can see below they are extremely cool pieces that are both dark and hypnotizing with excellent use of watercolors.

Also if you are as big a fan of ESTK and Alexia Rodriguez’s voice/writing ability you should give her solo project “Lexia: Underground Sounds” a listen. It’s not listed as ESTK because, simply put it is not ESTK. A lot of these songs are a softer more acoustic style and electronica music, she is an artist that is always pushing herself, enough said. Be on the lookout for some really cool artwork at your next ESTK show and be sure to check out their latest album “Broken Frames” if you haven’t already!

– Mason Richardson


Band site:

Twitter updates: @eyessettokill

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