Smokahontas Video…FINALLY

Posted: January 25, 2011 in New/Just released

Attack Attack (US) fans have been waiting (some more sanely than others) for the release of their next video, and it is finally here! Whether you’re a Austin Carlile fan or a Nick Barham fan, or you’re actually glad that Caleb Shomo is off of his synthesizers and has grabbed the microphone, either way we all knew that their next video was going to be for the song “Smokahontas”.

With teaser videos showing up months in advance from Andrew Wetzel (drummer) filming the behind the scenes making of the video to the 35 second teaser of the actual video on youtube, we were all overly eager to see the final product. There are a ton of great band shots filtered in around the mafia themed story that seems to be taking place in the video (seems appropriate enough with the line “this is a family!”) along with guns, gasoline, torture, and the big center piece being the car that was actually blown up and left on fire during the entire song.

I am overly thrilled that Johnny Franck (former vocalist) was still in the band to film the video, of course I’m not sure how they would have been able to do it without him, but either way it is a great farewell with the band. With that being said about Johnny Franck making his appearance, that really seems to be my favorite part of the entire thing. Ya the song is very cool and a bit more like early Attack Attack, however with all the hype that was added to the video, I’m left wondering if it truly gave me what I had expected?

Personally, I think that the video was simply okay. I wasn’t blown away by any means, and its not a video I tell everyone they have got to check out, but if you haven’t seen it you should definitely watch it at least once for your own opinion. I think for the average Attack Attack fan, especially fans they gained with their second album (self titled) you are going to love it. My biggest concern is that I don’t really see how musically, the mafia theme really goes well with the song. To each their own but for sure give it a view down below.

Lastly I will touch on Johnny leaving the band and say that they are still going to continue to make music without him and he himself will also continue to make music as more of a side project in his life to dedicate more time to God. The future of Attack Attack for me is in a really grey area, Johnny was a big reason I was drawn to the band his vocal talents are extraordinary and I am not so sure they are going to be able to fill the big role that he is leaving behind. Musically, they are a band that I don’t believe will abandon their sound as far as riffs and breakdowns, crab-core will live forever as long as Attack Attack records are sold; I just hope that they are able to find an appropriate fit as far as the vocals go.

For some reason the video has been pulled from youtube and the band has locked it so that you can only view it if you tweet it or like them on facebook. Either way I will provide the link below so that you can do either to your liking and can check out the video if you have not already. Please enjoy.

– Mason Richardson

“Smokahontas” site for the video:

Band site:

Twitter updates: @attackattackoh

Johnny Franck fans here is his new project that he is working on and information about it, its called “The March Ahead” :


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