Architects Release 4th Studio Album

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Anarchy in the UK, New/Just released

The metalcore band from Brighton, England Architects has released their 4th studio album since originally forming in 2004 and is the follow up to their 2009 release of “Hollow Crown”. The title of the album is “The Here and Now” and offers a wide variety of sounds to their audience. The record opens up with the first single “Day In Day Out” a very powerful song where Vocalist Sam Carter shows off both his clean and unclean talents with a heavy riffs and chords this song also gives the fans something to chant in their live set with the booming group vocals of “To all those not living in the here and now!”.

After playing this album from start to finish I must say that at no point does this album disappoint or allow you to lose interest. It’s one that fans will keep on repeat for the first couple weeks of owning for sure. Stand out songs include “Day In Day Out”, the underdog anthem of “Learn to Live”,  the headbanging power of “Delete, Rewind”, and the softer yet moving “Heartburn”. This is a record that has a little bit of something for everyone. This band can write heavy, sophisticated, slow songs, and songs that you simply couldn’t listen to sitting down.

Architects won’t be touring stateside any time soon as they will be traveling around the UK and the rest of Europe into the month of April, however I highly suggest picking up a copy of their new album “The Here and Now” it is great from start to finish. This album is available at any local music store (BestBuy, FYE, and I’m assuming Hot Topic will pick this one up as well) also check them out on itunes you won’t be disappointed. For a little taste of the record I’ll post a few songs down below for you guys to check out as well as the band’s site etc. Please enjoy!

– Mason Richardson

Band site:

Twitter updates: @architectsuk

“Day In Day Out”

“Learn To Live”



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