Future Upstate NY Metal Sensation

Posted: January 26, 2011 in On the lookout!

The metal world is one that is so large and vast that often times it’s hard to hear new talented young bands that are out there until they get signed to some sort of a record label and hit the road for months at a time promoting their album night after night. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon a band that if they stick together and continue to produce music as they are in years to come they could eventually be one of Metal’s heavyweights. This band that I’m speaking of is called Redfield from Pulaski, NY. Members of this band include Vocalist Travis Bartlett, Lead Guitar player Nick Roberts, Rhythm Guitar player Tristin Crawford, Bassist Kyle Paro, and Drummer Matt Hicks.

I like to say that I personally listen to a wide variety of Rock music stretching anywhere from the Glam Hair days of the 80’s to gritty metalcore, hardcore, (if you’re into Attack Attack “crab-core”) I like it all. When it comes to the true Metal of today’s world however I would say that’s where I begin discovering my acquired tastes for certain bands which include: Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, etc…

After listening to Redfield I would say that they have a very classic early metal thrash sound to them with great riffs and breakdowns especially for a young band, and what makes it all great is that they have so much time ahead them to grow as artists. Vocally they are very understandable and the tone that Bartlett possesses flows great with all the music behind him. If there were a band that I listen to today to compare them too I would definitely begin by saying that if Parkway Drive had a kid brother who was finally ready to come out and play with the older kids, Redfield would be that kid brother.

On their Facebook page they have two songs available to hear, both being the only songs that I have heard but would love to hear more, those songs are “City in Ruins” and “Oh Wait, That’s Not A Bear, That’s Your Mom”. You can also see that the band has been playing shows all around NY State including venues such as The Wescott Theater and The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY and have an upcoming show where they will be playing with both Haste The Day and Mychildren Mybride. I was pleased to see that on February 12th their first record or CD is set to be released to the public I’m assuming in the NY State area, the album title however has not been stated. This is a band that I hope can reach itunes quickly to help spread their talents around the world and be made available to everyone. If this band were on itunes under the “Listeners Also Purchased…” category I would expect to see bands such as : Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Suicide Silence, and White Chapel.

If today’s true Metal is you’re gig I would definitely check out this band’s Facebook and Myspace pages below to be able to give their songs a listen (I would have included a youtube clip but there were none to be found with the songs I wanted to show you guys). Also if you live in the Upstate or Central New York area be aware of when this band may be playing near you.

– Mason Richardson

Band sites: http://www.facebook.com/Redfieldmusic?v=app_2405167945


  1. reesha86 says:

    This is my brother-in-laws band. I’m not into metal, but I’m a huge fan of their music for exactly the reasons you gave. They are understandable and aside from the lyrics, their music is amazing. My brother is the guitarist, but honestly my favorite pat of their music is his cousin’s drumming. Matt is an amazing drummer, if you ever get the chance, definitely check them out live!

    • Devin Coon says:

      I agree these guys are gonna be a really solid band. One of my bestfriends is the lead singer, Travis Bartlett. These guys are going to get HOT!!!

  2. brittany says:

    i saw a pic of the drummer and he is a really good looking young man.

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