No Bragging Rights “Illuminator”

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll, New/Just released

Southern California punk, hardcore band No Bragging Rights have just released their 4th studio album since forming in 2005. The record is called “Illuminator” and rocks out with the best of them.

NBR for some reason is new to me even though they apparently have been around for years. I ran into them on accident but its definitely been one of the best mistakes I have made in a while because this record is awesome. It has a very fast past paced punk/heavy metal feel throughout the entire album. The music sets a pretty high standard for the band and the vocals meet that standard perfectly. For me never having heard of this band before to give my own comparison for those of you who may not know of them either they remind me of an early Atreyu (The Curse, A Death-Grip on Yesterday) meets Burden of a Day‘s “Oneonethousand”.

Start to finish this is a great record it was released on 1/11/2011 and if you’ve been following the entries that have been posted on this site I definitely believe this band is right up your ally. Stand out songs on this album include: “Weeding Out the Weak” very loud and in your face this is by far my favorite on the album, “And They Threatened Us With Fire”, “Beautiful and Spineless”, and the title track “Illuminator”. I will post songs below as always please give these guys a listen and enjoy!


– Mason Richardson

Band site:


“Weeding Out The Weak”


“Beautiful and Spineless”


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