Black Tide Announce 2nd Album Release Date

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll

The Heavy Metal band out of Miami, Florida that once consisted of four kids trying to play music they simply wanted to hear have now grown into men and are ready to release their second album titled “Black Tide” and will be released February 15th, 2011. Two singles from this album have already been released (“Bury Me” and “Honest Eyes”) and both songs show both a slightly new sound and lots of maturity. In interviews in magazines and that can be found online via youtube the band has commented that they are done playing heavy and thrashy just to do so, but everything has its purpose. The melodies are catchier, the breakdowns are heavier and it all seems to be flowing perfectly.

As one might have suspected Vocalist Gabriel Garcia’s voice has changed but to put everyones fears to rest it changed in a positive way. After only being 16 years old while recording their debut album “Light From Above” it’s only natural that nature would take its course and change a few things. With his new deeper tone and the bands new found writing style I would expect their next record to be groundbreaking and expect to see and hear lots from them during 2011 because these guys truly seem to do no wrong and are about to take their fans on one crazy ride. Please check out both singles that have been released from their new album below and enjoy.

– Mason Richardson

Band site:

Twitter updates: @blacktide

“Bury Me”

“Honest Eyes”


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