2010 Wrap Up

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll

I know it’s a bit late for something like this but after the latest issue of Alternative Press I thought it’d be fun to give my own thoughts and opinions for last year in music by highlighting bands who really stood out and made a difference in the industry. While this is completely opinionated I am interested to hear thoughts and opinions so please fill up the comment box I know you guys will all disagree somewhere and hopefully this will spark some great musical debate somewhere whether you comment or not, so here are some self given “HEYTHEREMRBROOKS” awards to the bands that seemed to rock the best.

Artist of the YearAvenged Sevenfold 

This is a band that every year seems to grow bigger and bigger and with each record changes up their sound ever so slightly. Never wanting to make the same album twice over the 5 that they have released “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet” could almost be a completely different band than this year’s “Nightmare” while all sounding great. The band dealt with the loss of long time dear friend and drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan late in 2009 and yet was still able to produce one of the best albums of 2010. These guys definitely deserve tons of credit for the obstacles they have been faced with and their ability to over come.

Runner’s UpChiodos

Replacing such a distinct voice such as Craig Owens is not an easy task, and while many fans weren’t so sure if these guys would pull off a decent album at best, they fooled the world and created a masterpiece with “Illumindaudio”.

Album of the Year – “Fever” Bullet For My Valentine

While this may not be their heaviest record since “The Poison” first debuted this is definitely the band at their finest where they have found their middle ground. There may be less screaming involved but this band really pushed themselves to write fast hard rock music for almost everyone to enjoy followed with spit in your face angry “F**k you” lyrics for the most part, this band really went over the top.

Runner’s Up – “What Separates Me From You” A Day To Remember and ” The Emptiness” Alesana

Song of the Year – “Nightmare” Avenged Sevenfold

From the creepily slow sounds of the intro to the classic dueling guitars of Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates and his solo this song never seems to get old even while getting radio play.

Runner’s Up – “Your Betrayal” Bullet For My Valentine, “F**k” Bring Me The Horizon, “The Murderer” Alesana

Cover Art of the Year – “Asylum” Disturbed 

Runner’s Up – “Deep Blue” Parkway Drive, “Broken Frames” Eyes Set to Kill

Most Underrated Band of the YearPierce The Veil

These guys delivered a great album this year and toured their faces off traveling with tons of bands and night in and night out put on great shows (saw them twice this year and both were flawless). Although not the heaviest band in the world these guys still make great music and are extremely talented. Expect them to have a great year in 2011.

Runner’s Upblessthefall, Motionless In White, Black Veil Brides

Most Overrated Band of the Year Escape the Fate

While this band does and has made great music in the past, I think many of us are a little over generous with the credit given this past year with some of the music that was produced.

Runner’s UpAttack Attack

While I am a pretty big fan of this band and have been since the release of “Someday Came Suddenly”, their second self titled album did have a few awesome songs on it (“Fumble’s O’Brian”, “Sexual Man Chocolate”, “I Swear I’ll Change”) I think all the original fans have noted there is a much different feel to the band and with the departure of Johnny Franck I’m not so sure what their future will hold in 2011.

Breakout Band of the Year The Word Alive

With the debut of their first full record these guys exploded out of the gates and haven’t looked back. Deceiver was one of the best musical investments I have made in a long time expect to see a lot from this band now that they have established themselves as a musical forced to be reckoned with.

Runner’s Up We Came As Romans

This band received a ton of great and well deserved respect and success this year along with being one of the first five bands announced for the Van’s Warped Tour 2011 these guys get bigger every day.

Music Video of the Year – “The Thespian” Alesana

This is one thrill ride for a music video it keeps you entertained and excited as well as scared out of your mind.

Runner’s Up – “It Never Ends” Bring Me The Horizon, “Caraphernalia” Pierce the Veil

Live Band of the Year (strictly based on who I was able to see) – All That Remains

These guys were absolutely flawless and put on such a great show with lots of interactions with the crowd and tons of energy from vocalist Phil Labonte. It was a shame having to hear their albums on my ipod after seeing it performed even better live.

Runner’s UpPierce the Veil, Asking Alexandria, Alesana

While all of these are strict opinions those are all the awards this site would like to present to these bands for their stand out actions of 2010. Please I’m looking forward to anyone who reads this to have differences and I am interested to read about them so feel free to comment on who should have won what award and why. Thank you!

– Mason Richardson

  1. Lizz says:

    Definitely did not expect “Nightmare” as best song from you, but I can understand it. I would have chosen a pierce the veil song or a day to remember song =)
    Totally agree with “illuminaudio”–I was listening to this album when I requested you make your own votes. Also totally agree with ptv in all the categories they were voted into.
    No love for papa roach? haha or slash! if slash isn’t rock n roll i dont know what is…
    overrated band= escape the fate…knew it was coming haha

  2. Devin Coon says:

    saw A7X at krock this past summer and they kicked major ass!!!

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