A Skylit Drive Releases “Identity On Fire”

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll, New/Just released, warped tour

Lodi, California natives A Skylit Drive released their third full length album today “Identity On Fire” and the band comes back with a powerfully demanding sound that defines itself against their previous release “Adelphia”. This album is a must have for all ASD fans, in my opinion it is by far their best yet.

The sound of the record is pretty heavy if not more than “Adelphia” but what makes this album great is how it has such a different feel to it as far as the music goes while maintaining they identity that they have established for themselves. Start to finish this album has kept me overly impressed there isn’t a single drop off in this record. “Identity  on Fire” offers a wide variety as far as songs go. There’s the faster heavier sound of “Ex Marks The Spot” and the title track “Identity on Fire”, the ever so catchy chorus’s of “The Cali Buds” and “Tempt Me, Temptation”, as well as a lighter feel with “500 Days of Bummer”. To be honest I could write something great about each and every  song on the album.

This album is definitely one of the best musical investments I’ve made in a while and I will say for just $2.00 more the deluxe edition is worth it as it includes the video for “Too Little Too Late” and also two great bonus songs; the acoustic “Black and Blue” and the loud in your face “400 Ft Robots”. This is by far my favorite album that they have put out and will most likely  stay on repeat for a while in my car.

Look forward to these guys promoting this great album hard in 2011 and catch them out this summer on the Vans Warped tour as they were announced somewhat recently for the 2011 lineup. As always I’ll post a few songs below to preview if you have not already snagged your own copy of this album so you can see what you’re missing out on. Go grab this album you won’t be disappointed ASD fans.


– Mason Richardson

Band site: http://www.myspace.com/askylitdrive

Twitter updates: @askylitdrive

“Ex Marks The Spot”


“Tempt Me, Temptation”


“Your Mistake”


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