Abandon All Ships??

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll

I like to think that it’s rare I find a band that has been around for a while that’s extremely talented that I don’t already listen to, however every once in a while it happens and I find someone who has been flying under my radar that can flat out play. Post-Hardcore Canadian group Abandon All Ships is my new find and they are amazing.

Boredom does catch up with everyone so I like to think that I’m being productive by listening and watching videos of bands that I have never heard of which is where I found the video for the song “Take One Last Breath”. The video is sick great lighting and band rocks out as hard as anyone I listen to. These guys really seem to blend great techno in with their already roaring guitar riffs and break downs. If Motionless In White made a baby with Attack Attack they would have an Abandon All Ships Baby and they definitely take the best of both worlds in those terms.

Their album “Geeving” was released October 5th 2010 and will leave you confused as to dance or join a circle pit from beginning to end. This is a great album from a great band who utilizes all possible musical tools to create their final product. I will be doing my homework on them to find out when and where I can catch them live (Warped Tour 2011?…they have my vote for sure). Check out songs from these guys below you’re going to love them if you care about anything that’s ever been written on this site.

– Mason Richardson

Twitter updates: @abandonallships

Band Site:  http://www.myspace.com/abandonallships

“Take One Last Breath”


“Bro My God”


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