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This may be a bit late and I’ve been away from here for a while but I have been dieing to finally talk about the new super group D.R.U.G.S. consisting of Craig Owens (Vocals – ex Chiodos), Matt Good (Guitars/Keyboard – From First To Last), Nick Martin (Guitars – Cinematic Sunrise, Isles & Glaciers), Adam Russell (Bass –  Story Of The Year), and Aaron Stern (Drums – Matchbook Romance).

Everyone I’m sure like myself was extremely disappointed to find out that Craig Owens had been fired from Chiodos quite some time ago and weren’t really sure where he (and Chiodos for that matter) were headed. Thankfully Chiodos was able to produce an extremely well made, and successful record and Craig also landed on his feet with he new band/project D.R.U.G.S. (an acronym for Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows). On February 18th D.R.U.G.S. released their first full length album which is self titled and if you’re a fan of any of the bands that these guys are in or simply really like Craig’s voice then this is definitely something you need to pick up. Start to finish this is a great album and doesn’t have a weak point at all.

You can tell lyrically Craig did a lot of soul searching and much of this album is talking about trying to discover one’s self once you’ve pretty much hit rock bottom and finding the light once everything has gone dark. Overall it is extremely uplifting to listen to and brings pop melodies and lyrics with the greatest of heavy riffs any rock n roll fan could imagine. The Album opens up with a great in your face tune “If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is” and from then on the hits just roll on out as the album continues. If you buy the deluxe version of the album you get a very cool 20 minute documentary and the mind blowing mini movie/music video for “If You Think This Song Is About You…”

Personal favorites include songs such as “The Only Thing You Talk About”, “Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups”, and “I’m The Rehab, You’re the Drug”. There are a ton of emotions that come with this album and very easy to relate to its a great release for those of us with a lot on our minds. For those of you looking for another Chiodos album you will be disappointed this is a very different band with a tad less theatrics but is a phenomenal album that everyone should own. Be on the lookout this year for these guys to be on tour they have already traveled around to celebrate the release of this record to sold out shows for the most part so if you see they’re coming to your town buy tickets ASAP. I’ll post songs below please enjoy and i’ll give you the first part to the 4 part movie series/music video that is sure to blow your mind….

– Mason Richardson

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“The Only Thing You Talk About”

“Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups”

“If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is” Part 1

(Search Youtube for the next 3 parts and music video)


Lodi, California natives A Skylit Drive released their third full length album today “Identity On Fire” and the band comes back with a powerfully demanding sound that defines itself against their previous release “Adelphia”. This album is a must have for all ASD fans, in my opinion it is by far their best yet.

The sound of the record is pretty heavy if not more than “Adelphia” but what makes this album great is how it has such a different feel to it as far as the music goes while maintaining they identity that they have established for themselves. Start to finish this album has kept me overly impressed there isn’t a single drop off in this record. “Identity  on Fire” offers a wide variety as far as songs go. There’s the faster heavier sound of “Ex Marks The Spot” and the title track “Identity on Fire”, the ever so catchy chorus’s of “The Cali Buds” and “Tempt Me, Temptation”, as well as a lighter feel with “500 Days of Bummer”. To be honest I could write something great about each and every  song on the album.

This album is definitely one of the best musical investments I’ve made in a while and I will say for just $2.00 more the deluxe edition is worth it as it includes the video for “Too Little Too Late” and also two great bonus songs; the acoustic “Black and Blue” and the loud in your face “400 Ft Robots”. This is by far my favorite album that they have put out and will most likely  stay on repeat for a while in my car.

Look forward to these guys promoting this great album hard in 2011 and catch them out this summer on the Vans Warped tour as they were announced somewhat recently for the 2011 lineup. As always I’ll post a few songs below to preview if you have not already snagged your own copy of this album so you can see what you’re missing out on. Go grab this album you won’t be disappointed ASD fans.


– Mason Richardson

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“Ex Marks The Spot”


“Tempt Me, Temptation”


“Your Mistake”

Southern California punk, hardcore band No Bragging Rights have just released their 4th studio album since forming in 2005. The record is called “Illuminator” and rocks out with the best of them.

NBR for some reason is new to me even though they apparently have been around for years. I ran into them on accident but its definitely been one of the best mistakes I have made in a while because this record is awesome. It has a very fast past paced punk/heavy metal feel throughout the entire album. The music sets a pretty high standard for the band and the vocals meet that standard perfectly. For me never having heard of this band before to give my own comparison for those of you who may not know of them either they remind me of an early Atreyu (The Curse, A Death-Grip on Yesterday) meets Burden of a Day‘s “Oneonethousand”.

Start to finish this is a great record it was released on 1/11/2011 and if you’ve been following the entries that have been posted on this site I definitely believe this band is right up your ally. Stand out songs on this album include: “Weeding Out the Weak” very loud and in your face this is by far my favorite on the album, “And They Threatened Us With Fire”, “Beautiful and Spineless”, and the title track “Illuminator”. I will post songs below as always please give these guys a listen and enjoy!


– Mason Richardson

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“Weeding Out The Weak”


“Beautiful and Spineless”

The six man machine that is We Came As Romans has made a deluxe edition of their debut album “To Plant A Seed” available in music stores and on itunes. The deluxe edition of the record includes their latest single, “To Move On is to Grow”,  that was released back in September of 2010 as well as the music video for the song and about 38 mins of bonus DVD footage from the band. This is definitely a great snag for all those who love WCAR.

The band is currently on the road for the “Rock Yourself to Sleep” tour which they are headlining and then traveling with the bands: For Today, The Word Alive, Woe is Me, and Texas In July. The tour goes into the month of February so be aware of when they may be traveling near you. Also watch out for WCAR to do big things and expect new music sometime during the year 2011, and watch for them this summer as they were one of the first 5 bands to be announced for this year’s Van’s Warped Tour.

– Mason Richardson

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“To Move on is to Grow”

The metalcore band from Brighton, England Architects has released their 4th studio album since originally forming in 2004 and is the follow up to their 2009 release of “Hollow Crown”. The title of the album is “The Here and Now” and offers a wide variety of sounds to their audience. The record opens up with the first single “Day In Day Out” a very powerful song where Vocalist Sam Carter shows off both his clean and unclean talents with a heavy riffs and chords this song also gives the fans something to chant in their live set with the booming group vocals of “To all those not living in the here and now!”.

After playing this album from start to finish I must say that at no point does this album disappoint or allow you to lose interest. It’s one that fans will keep on repeat for the first couple weeks of owning for sure. Stand out songs include “Day In Day Out”, the underdog anthem of “Learn to Live”,  the headbanging power of “Delete, Rewind”, and the softer yet moving “Heartburn”. This is a record that has a little bit of something for everyone. This band can write heavy, sophisticated, slow songs, and songs that you simply couldn’t listen to sitting down.

Architects won’t be touring stateside any time soon as they will be traveling around the UK and the rest of Europe into the month of April, however I highly suggest picking up a copy of their new album “The Here and Now” it is great from start to finish. This album is available at any local music store (BestBuy, FYE, and I’m assuming Hot Topic will pick this one up as well) also check them out on itunes you won’t be disappointed. For a little taste of the record I’ll post a few songs down below for you guys to check out as well as the band’s site etc. Please enjoy!

– Mason Richardson

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“Day In Day Out”

“Learn To Live”


It’s been about two and half years since we’ve heard anything new from the boys out of Lodi, California and needless to say their fans have been craving something more. As a huge ASD fan myself I find it safe to say that with each record this band simply gets better and better. They have just released a music video for the song “Too Little Too Late” that will appear on the album “Identity On Fire” scheduled to be in stores 2/15/2011.

The song and the video itself is a new side of ASD I feel we haven’t seen before. It’s a tad bit darker, edgier, and you can tell that the time off the road and the break they have given themselves has really allowed them to expand as artists. I have very high expectations for “Identity On Fire” based off of this video and the previously released song “XO Skeleton”. There is a perfect blend of a new found dark side to this band and the humble softness that vocalist Micheal Jagmin is able to deliver. Just as you might think that either song may beginning to sound bland or you’re waiting for some part of a song to get you throwing your fists around a giant circle pit, bassist and unclean vocalist Brian White definitely saves the day. I hope you enjoy this video and I have also included the song “XO Skeleton” below. Don’t forget “Identity On Fire” is released 2/15/2011 and if it is more of what is located below this post, it is sure to be amazing.

– Mason Richardson

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“Too Little Too Late”

“XO Skeleton”

Smokahontas Video…FINALLY

Posted: January 25, 2011 in New/Just released

Attack Attack (US) fans have been waiting (some more sanely than others) for the release of their next video, and it is finally here! Whether you’re a Austin Carlile fan or a Nick Barham fan, or you’re actually glad that Caleb Shomo is off of his synthesizers and has grabbed the microphone, either way we all knew that their next video was going to be for the song “Smokahontas”.

With teaser videos showing up months in advance from Andrew Wetzel (drummer) filming the behind the scenes making of the video to the 35 second teaser of the actual video on youtube, we were all overly eager to see the final product. There are a ton of great band shots filtered in around the mafia themed story that seems to be taking place in the video (seems appropriate enough with the line “this is a family!”) along with guns, gasoline, torture, and the big center piece being the car that was actually blown up and left on fire during the entire song.

I am overly thrilled that Johnny Franck (former vocalist) was still in the band to film the video, of course I’m not sure how they would have been able to do it without him, but either way it is a great farewell with the band. With that being said about Johnny Franck making his appearance, that really seems to be my favorite part of the entire thing. Ya the song is very cool and a bit more like early Attack Attack, however with all the hype that was added to the video, I’m left wondering if it truly gave me what I had expected?

Personally, I think that the video was simply okay. I wasn’t blown away by any means, and its not a video I tell everyone they have got to check out, but if you haven’t seen it you should definitely watch it at least once for your own opinion. I think for the average Attack Attack fan, especially fans they gained with their second album (self titled) you are going to love it. My biggest concern is that I don’t really see how musically, the mafia theme really goes well with the song. To each their own but for sure give it a view down below.

Lastly I will touch on Johnny leaving the band and say that they are still going to continue to make music without him and he himself will also continue to make music as more of a side project in his life to dedicate more time to God. The future of Attack Attack for me is in a really grey area, Johnny was a big reason I was drawn to the band his vocal talents are extraordinary and I am not so sure they are going to be able to fill the big role that he is leaving behind. Musically, they are a band that I don’t believe will abandon their sound as far as riffs and breakdowns, crab-core will live forever as long as Attack Attack records are sold; I just hope that they are able to find an appropriate fit as far as the vocals go.

For some reason the video has been pulled from youtube and the band has locked it so that you can only view it if you tweet it or like them on facebook. Either way I will provide the link below so that you can do either to your liking and can check out the video if you have not already. Please enjoy.

– Mason Richardson

“Smokahontas” site for the video:

Band site:

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Johnny Franck fans here is his new project that he is working on and information about it, its called “The March Ahead” :