The Heavy Metal band out of Miami, Florida that once consisted of four kids trying to play music they simply wanted to hear have now grown into men and are ready to release their second album titled “Black Tide” and will be released February 15th, 2011. Two singles from this album have already been released (“Bury Me” and “Honest Eyes”) and both songs show both a slightly new sound and lots of maturity. In interviews in magazines and that can be found online via youtube the band has commented that they are done playing heavy and thrashy just to do so, but everything has its purpose. The melodies are catchier, the breakdowns are heavier and it all seems to be flowing perfectly.

As one might have suspected Vocalist Gabriel Garcia’s voice has changed but to put everyones fears to rest it changed in a positive way. After only being 16 years old while recording their debut album “Light From Above” it’s only natural that nature would take its course and change a few things. With his new deeper tone and the bands new found writing style I would expect their next record to be groundbreaking and expect to see and hear lots from them during 2011 because these guys truly seem to do no wrong and are about to take their fans on one crazy ride. Please check out both singles that have been released from their new album below and enjoy.

– Mason Richardson

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“Bury Me”

“Honest Eyes”


Over the weekend I managed to snag a copy of the latest Alternative Press magazine (I would have liked to have bought Revolver as well but it wasn’t on the shelf) and although I thought it seemed a little late, this issue was dedicated to stand out acts of 2010. The issue contains the AP Readers Poll Awards where readers can vote for Artist of the Year, Best Live Band, Song of the Year, etc. By viewing some of the choices there is a definite difference between their picks and what people who read Revolver would have chosen but either way it’s still really cool to catch enough votes to make the list.

While Pierce the Veil Didn’t win any major categories they were runner’s up in a total of 5 categories including: Artists of the Year, Album of the Year, B-Side Bonus Track of the Year (“She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty” featuring Johnny Craig), Most Underrated Band of the Year, and Music Video of the Year (“Caraphernalia”).

This is a band that really made a huge impact in 2010 with the release of their sophomore album “Selfish Machines” and while they might not be the heaviest band in the world, they have an incredible writing style combining catchy lyrics with great music you can still move around too. Having seen this band twice in 2010 I would like to comment that they put everything they have into their live set and leave the audience feeling like they gotten much more than their moneys worth.

PTV has just wrapped up the Winterizer tour and are about to hit the road with A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and We Came As Romans for the Gamechangers Tour. As always Alternative Press delivers a great read about the bands we all wanna hear about so make sure to check out this month’s issue.

– Mason Richardson

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“The Boy Who Could Fly”


Arguably the most popular tour of the summer the Van’s Warped Tour has announced more bands to be in the lineup for 2011. With about 70-75 bands and around 8-10 stages Warped Tour has enough music for everyone to find something to enjoy every year. Warped tour begins June 24th and runs through August 14th for 2011 and as always has begun to announce more and more bands as everyday gets closer to this summer. Stand out bands that have been announced include:

We Came As Romans

The Word Alive

Woe, Is Me

Of Mice & Men

Miss May I

I Set My Friends On Fire

Dance Gavin Dance

With more bands to be announced I will post the link to the VWT site so you guys can stay updated with who else has been added. Also check the dates and see when the tour will be headed your way this summer, from my own personal experience it is the best day of music you could possibly give yourself every year. Expect to see other bands announced again this year such as Pierce the Veil, Alesana, Eyes Set to Kill, Attack Attack, Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon, etc.

– Mason Richardson

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Southern California punk, hardcore band No Bragging Rights have just released their 4th studio album since forming in 2005. The record is called “Illuminator” and rocks out with the best of them.

NBR for some reason is new to me even though they apparently have been around for years. I ran into them on accident but its definitely been one of the best mistakes I have made in a while because this record is awesome. It has a very fast past paced punk/heavy metal feel throughout the entire album. The music sets a pretty high standard for the band and the vocals meet that standard perfectly. For me never having heard of this band before to give my own comparison for those of you who may not know of them either they remind me of an early Atreyu (The Curse, A Death-Grip on Yesterday) meets Burden of a Day‘s “Oneonethousand”.

Start to finish this is a great record it was released on 1/11/2011 and if you’ve been following the entries that have been posted on this site I definitely believe this band is right up your ally. Stand out songs on this album include: “Weeding Out the Weak” very loud and in your face this is by far my favorite on the album, “And They Threatened Us With Fire”, “Beautiful and Spineless”, and the title track “Illuminator”. I will post songs below as always please give these guys a listen and enjoy!


– Mason Richardson

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“Weeding Out The Weak”


“Beautiful and Spineless”

The six man machine that is We Came As Romans has made a deluxe edition of their debut album “To Plant A Seed” available in music stores and on itunes. The deluxe edition of the record includes their latest single, “To Move On is to Grow”,  that was released back in September of 2010 as well as the music video for the song and about 38 mins of bonus DVD footage from the band. This is definitely a great snag for all those who love WCAR.

The band is currently on the road for the “Rock Yourself to Sleep” tour which they are headlining and then traveling with the bands: For Today, The Word Alive, Woe is Me, and Texas In July. The tour goes into the month of February so be aware of when they may be traveling near you. Also watch out for WCAR to do big things and expect new music sometime during the year 2011, and watch for them this summer as they were one of the first 5 bands to be announced for this year’s Van’s Warped Tour.

– Mason Richardson

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“To Move on is to Grow”

Motionless In WOW

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Great Rock N Roll

My main goal for this site is to be able to bring you guys news on what’s going on in the music world today and while this band may have been around for some time I still want to take a second and speak on the major success this band has been getting lately and truly how talented they are.  The band I am talking about of course is Motionless In White.

Motionless In white first formed in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania while current members Chris Cerulli and Angelo Parente were still in high school. The band had seen some success between 2007 and 2010 while releasing two EPs (The Whorror, When Love Met Destruction) containing popular songs for them today such as “Ghost in the Mirror” and “To Keep From Getting Burned” and also touring with bands such as Asking Alexandria, The Bled, and doing a few dates here and there with the Van’s Warped Tour.

In October of 2010 they were touring with the band Black Veil Brides and had played near my hometown, to be honest I had known of MIW but nothing had really clicked for me. I really was there to see BVB and what they had to offer as far as a live set (excellent show by the way, no wonder they made it to download this year). Once it became time for MIW to go on tons of people were going crazy as members of the band were simply setting up their own gear? Mic stand here, amp there, etc. but kids were going crazy (girls screaming every time Vocalist Chris Cerulli even looked their direction) it was chaos and they hadn’t even finished setting up.

All of this really grabbed my attention so as they all walked through the crowd to get on stage, high-fiving kids as they past they all looked at each other on stage and had sort of a nervous smile, one you would imagine if your high school band was playing your senior prom, and from the second they played the first note of their opening song they rocked the s**t out of the place. They were by far the loudest, fastest, most energetic band of the night playing both songs I mentioned before as well as “Creatures” (this show was literally the day before its release so there was tons of promotion going on from the band) “Billy In 4C Never Saw It Coming” and a cover of Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”.

Needless to say I immediately bought “Creatures” the next day but to wrap this up this is a band that you need to be listening to and watch out for in 2011. They’ve been all over magazines such as Alternative Press and Revolver and with the release of their album now spanning up to only 3 months, this band is definitely plowing through anything in their way and can do no wrong. If you have never heard them there are videos and songs below please check them out you guys won’t be disappointed, enjoy!

(P.s. – creatures is still on sale for only $7.99 on both itunes and I believe FYE, just letting you know because I’m you guys are going to want a copy)

– Mason Richardson

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“Ghost In the Mirror”



Rise Against Releases New Single

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Chicago, Illinois base punk rock band Rise Against released their first single off of what will be their 6th studio album to date since forming the band in 1999. The album is titled “Endgame” and is set to be released on March 15th, 2011. The single that was released this week is available now on itunes for $1.29 and is called “Help Is On The Way”. For Rise Against fans you already know what to expect this is something that could have easily been on the album “Appeal To Reason” it has that solid punk rock sound and Vocalist Tim Mcllrath doesn’t seem to have lost anything as the years go on. As always with Rise Against they’re keeping things political and with purpose.

For this record the band has announced to expect songs dealing with the world’s issues and events that have taken place such as Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I have posted the song below to check out the song and get you guys pumped for the album to come.


– Mason Richardson


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“Help Is On The Way”