The metalcore band from Brighton, England Architects has released their 4th studio album since originally forming in 2004 and is the follow up to their 2009 release of “Hollow Crown”. The title of the album is “The Here and Now” and offers a wide variety of sounds to their audience. The record opens up with the first single “Day In Day Out” a very powerful song where Vocalist Sam Carter shows off both his clean and unclean talents with a heavy riffs and chords this song also gives the fans something to chant in their live set with the booming group vocals of “To all those not living in the here and now!”.

After playing this album from start to finish I must say that at no point does this album disappoint or allow you to lose interest. It’s one that fans will keep on repeat for the first couple weeks of owning for sure. Stand out songs include “Day In Day Out”, the underdog anthem of “Learn to Live”,  the headbanging power of “Delete, Rewind”, and the softer yet moving “Heartburn”. This is a record that has a little bit of something for everyone. This band can write heavy, sophisticated, slow songs, and songs that you simply couldn’t listen to sitting down.

Architects won’t be touring stateside any time soon as they will be traveling around the UK and the rest of Europe into the month of April, however I highly suggest picking up a copy of their new album “The Here and Now” it is great from start to finish. This album is available at any local music store (BestBuy, FYE, and I’m assuming Hot Topic will pick this one up as well) also check them out on itunes you won’t be disappointed. For a little taste of the record I’ll post a few songs down below for you guys to check out as well as the band’s site etc. Please enjoy!

– Mason Richardson

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“Day In Day Out”

“Learn To Live”



For those of you who are unaware of what the Download Festival is, it is a three day long Rock N Roll music festival covering artists from new to old, from Cinderella to Slipknot Download will have something there for you to enjoy. It takes place at Donington Park, England and is in June every year since it has started in 2003.  Many people view Download as the follow up act to the older Monsters of Rock festival that was held between 1980-1996, for me it’s more of a modern day Woodstock or Warped Tour on steroids.

Last year at Download there were 100+ bands there and on Monday they have just announced the first big wave of bands to be playing the festival this year. For bands to get announced I would say is a pretty huge accomplishment because this is such a well known festival and to headline something this big has got to be a great milestone especially for some of the younger bands or bands of our generation.

To just name a few of the bands include:

Avenged Sevenfold (Headliners)

Alter Bridge

Bullet For My Valentine

Black Veil Brides


Escape the Fate


Hollywood Undead


Rob Zombie (Headliner)

System of a Down (Headliners)


With many more bands to come before the festival takes place June 10th – June 12th this year’s festival is going to one for the record books as you can tell by some of the bands that have already been listed already. For those of us here in the US it’s a bit hard to actually fly over there and get there but there’s always tons of coverage of it over the summer on channels such as VH1 Classic, Palladia, and Fuse. Also some bands such as Slipknot did in 2009 may film their set for a DVD one can only hope, but if you’re loaded (unlike myself) and are looking for a kick ass time this summer definitely try and make it out to Download this year. I’ll keep you guys updated as bands continue to become announced and I’ll leave the Download site below this post for you guys to check it out.


– Mason Richardson


Download 2011 Lineup

The metal world is one that is so large and vast that often times it’s hard to hear new talented young bands that are out there until they get signed to some sort of a record label and hit the road for months at a time promoting their album night after night. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon a band that if they stick together and continue to produce music as they are in years to come they could eventually be one of Metal’s heavyweights. This band that I’m speaking of is called Redfield from Pulaski, NY. Members of this band include Vocalist Travis Bartlett, Lead Guitar player Nick Roberts, Rhythm Guitar player Tristin Crawford, Bassist Kyle Paro, and Drummer Matt Hicks.

I like to say that I personally listen to a wide variety of Rock music stretching anywhere from the Glam Hair days of the 80’s to gritty metalcore, hardcore, (if you’re into Attack Attack “crab-core”) I like it all. When it comes to the true Metal of today’s world however I would say that’s where I begin discovering my acquired tastes for certain bands which include: Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, etc…

After listening to Redfield I would say that they have a very classic early metal thrash sound to them with great riffs and breakdowns especially for a young band, and what makes it all great is that they have so much time ahead them to grow as artists. Vocally they are very understandable and the tone that Bartlett possesses flows great with all the music behind him. If there were a band that I listen to today to compare them too I would definitely begin by saying that if Parkway Drive had a kid brother who was finally ready to come out and play with the older kids, Redfield would be that kid brother.

On their Facebook page they have two songs available to hear, both being the only songs that I have heard but would love to hear more, those songs are “City in Ruins” and “Oh Wait, That’s Not A Bear, That’s Your Mom”. You can also see that the band has been playing shows all around NY State including venues such as The Wescott Theater and The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY and have an upcoming show where they will be playing with both Haste The Day and Mychildren Mybride. I was pleased to see that on February 12th their first record or CD is set to be released to the public I’m assuming in the NY State area, the album title however has not been stated. This is a band that I hope can reach itunes quickly to help spread their talents around the world and be made available to everyone. If this band were on itunes under the “Listeners Also Purchased…” category I would expect to see bands such as : Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Suicide Silence, and White Chapel.

If today’s true Metal is you’re gig I would definitely check out this band’s Facebook and Myspace pages below to be able to give their songs a listen (I would have included a youtube clip but there were none to be found with the songs I wanted to show you guys). Also if you live in the Upstate or Central New York area be aware of when this band may be playing near you.

– Mason Richardson

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The British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire that is Bring Me The Horizon has released a second video from their third full length album “There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heave Lets Keep It A Secret” for the song “Anthem”. BMTH has been together since 2004 and is about to head on tour with Pierce The Veil, We Came As Romans, and A Day To Remember for the Gamechangers Tour beginning in March and going through the month of April.

The band’s third full length album “There Is A Hell…” is one that for many of their fans was a big eye opener. The sound and overall vibe is very different than that of their previous two (Count Your Blessings, Suicide Season) but is still very much BMTH. There is a very dark sense to this album but in a more creepy “Adams Family” way rather than simply playing loud thrashy headbanging songs, vocalist Oli Sykes embarked on a mission to bring a new feel to the band and as always wrote brutally honest lyrics from the heart about the trials and tribulations of his past. This album also features new rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen who replaced former guitar player Curtis Ward in 2009.

The album includes hit songs like “It Never Ends” which reflects on ongoing struggles that lurk on and haunt the band, “Crucify Me” which speaks of the existance of both Heaven and Hell, however not the ones we think of in the sky and below our feet but rather everyday’s struggles and success, the mind capturing “Don’t Go” featuring guest vocalist Lights, “F**k” featuring fellow British rock singer Josh Franceschi of You Me At Six, and the ever so thrashy “Alligator Blood”.

Many of their older fans may have turned their nose up on this record while musically it may not be as heavy and fast as previous records but to me this album still delivers everything I loved about the band since I first bought the record “Suicide Season”. The video for “Anthem” captures the band in an abandoned venue where fans from outside begin to rush in and storm the building while BMTH puts on their infamous energetic metal show that leaves you exhausted from simply watching. Please enjoy the video for “Anthem” below as well as the previous one for “It Never Ends”, both were filmed perfectly and truly grasp the band and their overall message. Also be on the lookout for the Gamechangers Tour beginning in March.

– Mason Richardson

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“It Never Ends”

Late in 2010 the six piece set based out of Raleigh, North Carolina that is Alesana has officially signed with southern California label Epitaph and has announced that their fourth full length studio album will be released in late 2011. Alesana is about to embark on a large tour for the next few months with former Epitaph band Escape the Fate, Motionless In White, and Get Scared. This is definitely going to be a show to see with four high energy – “bring the house down” bands all traveling together on the same tour.

Alesana is still riding the success of their third studio album “The Emptiness” which in my opinion is the greatest concept album ever created, containing a journey that includes love, murder, betrayal, fantasy, and revenge. One can only guess what this awesome band has in store for us next.

– Mason Richardson

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“The Thespian”

Beyond the Eyes Set to Kill

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Since about 2007 the faces of the band Eyes Set To Kill have pretty much remained the same after undergoing several line-up changes since first forming in 2004. With of course the exception of Brandon Anderson (unclean vocalist) being replaced by Cisco Miranda in 2010 for their third full length and latest album to date “Broken Frames”.

One face that I can say we all know and love is guitar player and front-woman Alexia Rodriguez. The purpose of this entry is to show that she is much more than just a musician but an amazing artist in general. On the road she constantly writes poems and songs that may or may not ever be used for ESTK however her mind is always flowing. What really struck me about her side projects however is the amount of drawings and paintings she is able to complete while she is on the road. Many of her paintings consist of watercolors mainly from what I have seen, and a lot of the ones that she posts to the public are all band related pieces. She brings several of them that she has completed in the past on the road and takes them to shows to allow fans of the band to buy real ESTK artwork. So if you ever get a chance to see them live or if you have and were unaware that these were being sold and are interested definitely check out their merchandise both and speak with someone there because as you can see below they are extremely cool pieces that are both dark and hypnotizing with excellent use of watercolors.

Also if you are as big a fan of ESTK and Alexia Rodriguez’s voice/writing ability you should give her solo project “Lexia: Underground Sounds” a listen. It’s not listed as ESTK because, simply put it is not ESTK. A lot of these songs are a softer more acoustic style and electronica music, she is an artist that is always pushing herself, enough said. Be on the lookout for some really cool artwork at your next ESTK show and be sure to check out their latest album “Broken Frames” if you haven’t already!

– Mason Richardson


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It’s been about two and half years since we’ve heard anything new from the boys out of Lodi, California and needless to say their fans have been craving something more. As a huge ASD fan myself I find it safe to say that with each record this band simply gets better and better. They have just released a music video for the song “Too Little Too Late” that will appear on the album “Identity On Fire” scheduled to be in stores 2/15/2011.

The song and the video itself is a new side of ASD I feel we haven’t seen before. It’s a tad bit darker, edgier, and you can tell that the time off the road and the break they have given themselves has really allowed them to expand as artists. I have very high expectations for “Identity On Fire” based off of this video and the previously released song “XO Skeleton”. There is a perfect blend of a new found dark side to this band and the humble softness that vocalist Micheal Jagmin is able to deliver. Just as you might think that either song may beginning to sound bland or you’re waiting for some part of a song to get you throwing your fists around a giant circle pit, bassist and unclean vocalist Brian White definitely saves the day. I hope you enjoy this video and I have also included the song “XO Skeleton” below. Don’t forget “Identity On Fire” is released 2/15/2011 and if it is more of what is located below this post, it is sure to be amazing.

– Mason Richardson

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“Too Little Too Late”

“XO Skeleton”